Baby i’m yours – Breakbot

Baby I’m yours de Breakbot, voici une zik bien sympa qui donne envie de boire des cocktails les pieds dans le sable sur la plage.
Et en plus, le clip est vraiment sympa ! 😛

Voici donc le clip et les paroles de Baby I’m yours de Breakbot.

Le clip :

Les paroles :

I thought I had it altogether
But I was led astray
The day you walked away
You were the clock
That was ticking in my heart
Changed my state of mind
But love’s so hard to find

Your feelings change like the weather
Went from clear to grey
On that cloudy day
How can I go on
With that bomb in the palm
Love’s so hard to find
When someone’s on your mind

Listen baby
Your wish is my command
Baby won’t you understand
That your wish is my command
What can I do to make
My baby understand

Something tells me that I’m dreamin’

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